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Sat Nov 26 13:10:58 UTC 2011

Thanks for the swift replies, unfortunately I'm still having trouble
getting it to play nicely with the upload module.

Here's the config I'm using:

It seems as though the request body isn't being read correctly;
ngx.req.get_body_data() works as expected if I run it from inside
/upload and make a multipart post to it, but it only returns the first
line of the body data when run from inside @handler.  echo_request_body
works fine either way.

Here's what I get when posting to it with the above config:

$ curl -F file=@TDXBN.gif http://localhost/upload
* post defs:
content_type: multipart/form-data;
maxinput: 2097152
content_length: 358
maxfilesize: 1048576

* post args:

* request body:

On a slightly different tack, I noticed one of the release announcements
for ngx_echo showed this directive being used:

echo_subrequest PUT /some_upstream/$upload_file_md5 -f $upload_tmp_path

Is there something in particular you need to do to get access to
$upload_tmp_path etc. outside of the upload_set_form_field directive? 
I've tried hacking this into working with echo_subrequest, but if i try
to use any of the $upload_* variables anywhere outside of that directive
then it doesn't work at all.

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