Is there a bug in ngx_http_upstream_module's broken connection check code?

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Sun Nov 27 21:14:17 UTC 2011

Consider the case where nginx is used as a reverse proxy, and upstream
is doing some server push (the http request never ends).
You are saying that timeouts/keepalive should be used. I would agree
with you, and I actually made a module for nginx+tcp_keepalive:

But that's not enough. The closed SSL connection stays open from nginx
point of view, even though it doesn't appear anymore in netstat.
On the other hand, when upstream sends something, nginx write() to the
closed socket will fail with EPIPE.
Maybe you were referring using keepalive by having upstream periodically
sending data to the client.
But that's adding a requirement on the upstream logic, which is why it's
not just an optimization problem, but an actual bug, when upstream rely
on nginx to close the connection when the client does to detect its

Bottom line: I'll send a patch with EPOLLRDHUP. Also feel free to
comment on the tcp-keepalive module.

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