nginx-lua and nginx upload module

Andrew Alexeev andrew at
Tue Nov 29 14:58:45 UTC 2011


>> But that's not point. The problem is not in what particular phase upload module will run, but that it must run whenever some module tries to read the request body. This kind of customisation is not supported by nginx yet.
> True. We definitely need an input filter mechanism for Nginx. I've
> cc'd Andrew Alexeev. Maybe he can help make this happen in the Nginx
> core ;)

I'm not a programmer (at least not anymore), so I personally can't implement this :) Input filters are planned in the next major release of nginx, where the core architecture would allow that.

> his nginx.conf. For now, the nginx core does not (yet) utilize the
> PCRE JIT feature for its pattern matching, so it does consume quite a

Btw, we have an almost ready implementation for PCRE JIT and it'll soon be released in the dev train.

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