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Wed Nov 30 02:07:47 UTC 2011

On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 11:35 PM, Valery Kholodkov
<valery+nginxen at> wrote:
> ----- Vladimir Zorin <vladimir at> wrote:
>>  > Not really if the user has a lot of regex style locations defined in
>>  > > his nginx.conf. For now, the nginx core does not (yet) utilize the
>>  > > PCRE JIT feature for its pattern matching, so it does consume quite a
>>  > > few CPU cycles for complicated location patterns ;) And...if we *can*
>>  > > eliminate the cost of internal redirects altogether, why shouldn't we
>>  > > make that happen? ;)
>> VK> Did you mean "quite a lot"?
>> He did mean 'quite a lot'.  And if you had bothered to look up the
>> dictionary first, you'd've found that: "few - used in expressions such
>> as 'quite a few' or 'a good few' to mean quite a large number".
>> But russians are too fucking arrogant to learn english, sure thing.
> Looks like it was worth completing the Advanced level of English at BLTC. At least I can respond to insults.
> So here it comes: Gentleman, your speach hurts!

I meant quite a lot of CPU cycles (or computer instructions), but not
"quite a lot" of time in the scale of real application response time.
There might be some misunderstanding here. Such debate is meaningless
for technical discussions and I apologize if I took you wrong.


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