[PATCH] Add IPv6 support to GeoIP module

Gregor Kališnik gregor at unimatrix-one.org
Wed Oct 5 11:31:36 UTC 2011


On Wednesday 05 of October 2011 13:26:47 csg wrote:
> Most IPv6 stuff was introduced with newer versions of the GeoIP library
> (IIRC something around 1.4.7), so you might either want to autodetect
> GeoIP's capabilities or embed the relevant stuff into
> #if LIBGEOIP_VERSION >= 1004007
> ...
> #endif
> directives. Otherwise you might break builds against older versions of
> the library.

My patch does config checking if some GeoIPv6 specific constant exists. And I've 
tested agains older and newer versions of GeoIP. And it build without any 
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