Nginx does not Cache Google Adsense and Some other widgets - help

Alex alex.thegreat at
Wed Oct 5 14:14:22 UTC 2011

Dear RR:

Thank you for your insights.  In regards to the wget -S url, this is  
what I get:

--2011-10-05 18:09:32--
Resolving IP ADDRESS
Connecting to|IP ADDRESS|:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response...
   HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
   Server: nginx
   Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2011 14:09:32 GMT
   Content-Type: text/html;charset=UTF-8
   Connection: close
   Vary: Accept-Encoding
   Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID=5AB2FF5CF72E237DCEC48FAE19AE09F4; Path=/
   Set-Cookie: SHARED_SESSION_ID=GZ3W4CP2F07E; Expires=Thu, 06- 
Oct-2011 14:09:32 GMT; Path=/
2011-10-05 18:09:32 ERROR 404: Not Found.

Note the address "contentAsset/resize-image/7e061df4-0fc3-481f- 
b75d-7ce3ff2e8cac/?w=175" is inside an image tag.  If I disable the  
cache, it works fine.

I tried to set proxy_cache_valid any 1d;  and proxy_cache_valid 200  
404 1d; Then, clear the cache, and restarted nginx and it still stays  
the same.

On Oct 5, 2011, at 5:05 AM, Reinis Rozitis wrote:

>> Nginx does not Cache Google Adsense
> To understand this correctly - theese requests aren't coming  
> directly from google servers (otherways unleast you put nginx as a  
> proxy above google it won't  be able to cache anything)?
>> The URLs that are not being cached are of this form:
>> URI?id=parameter&h=parameter  or URI?  
>> id=parameter&h=parameter&w=parameter
> Can you show what the full request headers look like (for example  
> with: wget -S url)?
> You have: proxy_cache_valid      200  1d;
> which means that only 200 responses are cached and not for example  
> 301 or 302 .. (you can try to remove '200' and see if the response  
> is cached then).
> rr
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