So is "rewrite_by_lua" also evil?

agentzh agentzh at
Thu Oct 13 02:06:08 UTC 2011

On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 5:34 AM, Nginx User <nginx at> wrote:
>> See debug output:
> Some additional info.
> I had thought the php files were being downloaded as text files but
> this is not strictly true.  Files are downloaded whenever php is
> called but they are always empty with a "0" status code.

This information is invaluable :) I've already reproduced this bug of
ngx_lua on my side and fixed it in my local tree.

Basically, calling ngx.exec to jump to a named location is buggy in
that ngx_http_named_location() in the nginx core does not clear module
ctx structures as ngx_http_internal_redirect() so ngx_lua should have
cleared its ctx itself.

I'll tag another rc release of ngx_lua for you to try when I finish
running the whole test suite :)

Thank you very much for the bug report! Hopefully it'll be no longer evil ;)


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