nginx doesn't accept new connection

Igor Sysoev igor at
Fri Oct 14 07:24:30 UTC 2011

On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 03:16:39AM -0400, mrkissinger wrote:
> Hi there,
>   I am using nginx as a reverse proxy on a Debian Linux.
>   The nginx is running on server A, and apache is running on server B.
>   Server A is a pure proxy, server B is the real web server.
>   In most of time, nginx works well.
>   But the HTTP port (80) will stop accepting new connection sometimes. 
>   When it happened, I tried to telnet port 80 from the server by "telnet
> localhost 80", the telnet was just keeping trying but cannot make socket
> connection.
>   I checked the total HTTP connections by "netstat -an | grep 80 | wc
> -l", the number was always less than 2000.
>   I am using nginx package from Debian Linux, the package was installed
> by apt-get.
>   I added "ulimit -n 65535" into /etc/init.d/nginx to turned the "open
> files" limitation.
>   The problem is not resolved yet. Can anyone help?

What does "nginx -V" show ?
Are any alerts in error_log ?

Igor Sysoev

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