So is "rewrite_by_lua" also evil?

Nginx User nginx at
Sat Oct 15 11:06:07 UTC 2011

On 15 October 2011 13:25, Eugaia <ngx.eugaia at> wrote:
> On 15/10/2011 12:57, Nginx User wrote:
>> Any thoughts on Marcus' points earlier on clearing the ctx in the core?
>> Seems to suggest that may cause problems elsewhere and that it is
>> better to be handled at the module level.
>> Seems logical as whether it was originally an oversight or not,
>> changing it now would break other stuff.
> I had a closer look at the code, and in fact clearing the contexts
> automatically won't break my code in particular because I don't use
> ngx_http_named_location() to find named locations (I find the location at
> conf-read time, not run time, since it's more efficient).  There may be
> other developers that use the function at runtime, but my guess is that it's
> probably not commonly used by module developers who would not prefer the
> contexts to be reset.
> I would therefore agree with agentzh and Maxim about it probably being the
> best way to go, and should any developers create modules that currently call
> ngx_http_named_location() but don't want to clear the contexts, then they
> can just re-write the function to not do so.


I'll therefore look into applying agentzh's patch then. I had held off
because your previous comment.

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