Proxy cache for php site

Jon Bennett jmbennett at
Sun Oct 16 23:01:57 UTC 2011

Hi Appa,

got it sorted thanks, had cookies being written all the time and that
was stopping it. Now in production, many thanks!


On 16 October 2011 13:25, Jon Bennett <jmbennett at> wrote:
> Hi Appa,
>> Try this:
> I've implemented what you suggested, and although got no errors, it
> doesn't look like it's caching, no files appearing in the cache dir
> (which I've 777 just to be sure!) and not getting a high rps either.
> I'm tailing my nginx error log with nginx compiled with debug, and
> there's nothing in there about fcgi cache.
> Bit of a weird one, will investigate further.
> Thanks,
> Jon

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