Highest requests per second - what is considered top performance?

iberkner nginx-forum at nginx.us
Sun Oct 23 02:40:53 UTC 2011

We've been running Nginx for sometime powering a fairly high traffic
website.  The single box, dual CPU (dual core) has been serving us well
but its time to upgrade.  I've got a new system configured, quad CPU
(quad core) = 16 cores (plenty of RAM) and CentOS.  My understanding is
that even though there are 16 cores, more than 5 Nginx instances will
not greatly improve performance.

I decided to benchmark the system using a single Nginx instance and
default configuration with a static html file.  Using "ab" (locally)
with 50,000 connections and 1,000 concurrent ones I get around 10K
requests / second.  

What particular parameters should I look into adjusting to try to double
that number?  (Nginx and OS). 

What is considered top performance for a single box / instance?

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