Brane F. Gračnar brane.gracnar at
Mon Oct 24 13:58:33 UTC 2011

On Monday 24 of October 2011 14:02:15 Juergen Gotteswinter wrote:
> Hi,
> i already googled, but unfortanly i wasnt able to find a example for
> nginx smtp proxy configuration. i wanted to setup as a simple smtp proxy
> in front of a sendmail daemon.

This one works for me:

mail {

  auth_http  localhost:9090/cgi-bin/auth;
  server {
    listen [a:b:c::d]:25;

    # this is SMTP proxy!
    protocol smtp;
    smtp_capabilities "PIPELINING" "SIZE 10240000" "VRFY" "ETRN" "ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES" "8BITMIME" "DSN";


    proxy on;
    proxy_timeout 30;
    proxy_pass_error_message on;
    # only if upstream supports XCLIENT
    xclient on;

    smtp_auth none;
    so_keepalive on;



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