Questions about stub status numbers

Anton Yuzhaninov citrin at
Fri Oct 28 10:01:54 UTC 2011

On 10/27/11 23:57, Ilan Berkner wrote:
> Is the fact that we have 2K+ processes waiting a problem, meaning, on a high
> traffic, optimized server, should the number of waiting connections be much less?

It is normal if keep-alive enabled. 2k+ is a small number for big site.
And in most cases you should not disable keep-alive.

> Let me ask different, is having 2K+ connections waiting considered a problem?
>   Should that number ideally be as close to "0" as possible?


But don't forget to tune server - rise maxfiles, maxsockets and 
worker_connections if this number will be close to current limits.

About stab_status numbers - graph them (e. g. by rrdtool) and see trends on 
graph. Is some number stable for a long time, and then grow rapidly - this can 
be problem indicator.

  Anton Yuzhaninov

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