Can't fix "No input file specified." with php-fastcgi

Guillermo Garron ggarron at
Sun Sep 4 19:03:29 UTC 2011

I've only worked in the past with nginx serving static files and sending php
to apache behind.

If you decide to go that way or not find help in the current scenario, I can
help you then.

Let me know, I'll be checking my blackberry, in 5 hours I will be available

On Sep 4, 2011 2:46 PM, "loganbest" <nginx-forum at> wrote:

I'm not sure what the standard practices of nginx+php are. This is my
first time working with nginx and I didn't install nginx, I just
installed fastcgi based on an article I found at the top of google. I've
seen php-fpm and php-fastcgi and I don't know the differences or
pro/cons of each. I'm really just looking for some quick help to get
this running. I'd also rather not have both nginx and apache running on
the same server since this isn't a very large ec2 instance I can't take
the memory footprint of apache.

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