Curl, Nginx and the connections conundrum.

Christoph Schug chris+nginx at
Thu Aug 2 06:54:45 UTC 2012

On 2012-08-02 04:32, jakecattrall wrote:
> Hey folks,
> I'd like to turn your attentions to this frustrating issue I've been
> facing.
> I'm running a dedicated server... Centos 6, PHP 5.3.3, Nginx 1.0.15.
> Great hardware, no problems.
> Nginx uses fastcgi to run php.
> The server communicates with another server using remote sql.
> A file called download.php initiates a mysql connection, checks some
> details in the database and then begins streaming bytes to the user 
> with
> content-displacement.
> No matter what I do, I cannot get simultaneous connections to 
> download a
> file above 5. For instance if I download a file using a download
> manager, a maximum of 5 connections can be made, the rest timeout.

Have you checked the 'pm.max_children' setting in php-fpm.conf?


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