Getting proxy_pass to work with sub_filter

Joesep Kilsal arcanexane at
Tue Aug 7 20:33:57 UTC 2012

Hello, I'm trying to have nginx proxy for apache while trying to utilize

My default.conf block with the modules listed above looks like this:

server {
          location / {
          proxy_pass                   ;
          proxy_set_header Host            $host;
          proxy_set_header X-Real-IP     $remote_addr;
          sub_filter_once                        on;
          sub_filter '</body>' '<p>filter test12345</p></body>';

With this, I can remove either the proxy_pass line or the sub_filter line
the other will work. It seems to only stop working when I try to have both
active at the same time. I did have a look around regarding this issue and
disabled gzip, but to no avail. Does anyone have any insight towards this

Thank you.
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