Nginx + Thin config on Windows for Rails app

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Wed Aug 8 19:46:31 UTC 2012

I'm somewhat confused about using Nginx and Thin for serving my Rails
3.2 app. Previously I had Thin serving my Rails app on Windows Server
2008 R2 without any issues. I would start Thin on the production server
specifying the server's IP address on port 80 like such:

rails server thin -b -p 80 -e production

Now, I'm trying to add Nginx to the mix and I'm confused about how I
should start Thin and how I should configure Nginx to forward to Thin.

For example, now that Nginx is listening on port 80, should I start Thin
locally on a different port? Like (or Or
do I start Thin like I did before on

In my Nginx conf file do I specify the upstream servers as localhosts,
or the machine's IP address? I'm not really sure what it's for.

upstream mywebapp_thin {

server {
    listen       80;
    server_name  mywebserver www.mywebserver;
    # locations et. al. excluded for brevity...

Most examples I see have the upstream servers running on ports 3000 or
5000. I'm wondering if those examples are really for a development
setup, and not production? Or does Thin need to run on a different port
other than 80 since Nginx is listening on it now?

I noticed that my web app does not respond to the basic urls
(mywebserver/projects) unless I add the port Thin is running on

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