[Nginx] perl module get an empty body

darkweaver871 nginx-forum at nginx.us
Sun Aug 12 10:32:15 UTC 2012

Hello Maxim,

OK got it now ;-)
It's working, you saved my day :-D

So to put it in a nutshell:
- I used perl switcher_test::handler in my location /
- in the handler method I call $r->has_request_body(\& test) and in test
method according to what I found in the body I do an internal_redirect
(as far as I understood it can only redirect to a location in the same
vhost) to /proxy1 (or /proxy2 depending) and return.
- in /proxyX I do a rewrite /proxyX(.*) $1 break; proxy_pass

It's working perfectly but I just wonder if there is a more
elegant/efficient way to do it ?


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