SPDY compilation fail - Warnings

DenisTRUFFAUT nginx-forum at nginx.us
Tue Aug 14 21:47:47 UTC 2012

Thanks for your reply,

So, what to do ?

1] apt-get remove open-ssl, then compile the 1.0.1c ?

2] specify the the lib path in the configure ?

3] ?


I succeed to compile it, but it was another machine, another NginX version
and another SPDY patch, and I don't really know what are the differences
that could produce these errors. I just know OpenSSL version was the same :
1.0.1c. And it was installed in the same way, on a 0.9xx-something :

cd /usr/local/src
sudo rm   -fr   openssl-$OPENSSL_VERSION
sudo wget -O    openssl-$OPENSSL_VERSION.tar.gz
sudo tar  -xvzf openssl-$OPENSSL_VERSION.tar.gz
sudo rm   -fr   openssl-$OPENSSL_VERSION.tar.gz
cd              openssl-$OPENSSL_VERSION
sudo ./config      threads \
                   zlib \
                   --prefix=/usr \
                   && sudo make && sudo make install && cd /usr/local/src
sudo rm   -fr   openssl-$OPENSSL_VERSION

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