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I have an nginx server deployed infront of a Internet Information Services
6.0 server. The issue I have is that when requesting content from the IIS
server via HTTPS I am seeing an considerable increase in reponse time from
the upstream server. For example requesting the following javascript file I
am seeing the following log entires (Using a custom log format to catch
upsteam response times)

GET /client/javascript/libraries/query-string/2.1.7/query-min.js HTTP/1.1"
200 upstream 0.040 request 0.046 [for reversproxy via]

GET /client/javascript/libraries/query-string/2.1.7/query-min.js HTTP/1.1"
200 upstream 0.234 request 0.243 [for reverseproxy via]

As you can see it's taking up to an additional 200+ ms to serve up the js
file to nginx when talking to the upsteam server via HTTPS. I understand
that there is an overhead with HTTPS but I wouldn't expect it to be this

I also understand it would be better to serve the static content directly
from nginx but at the moment this isn't an option. 

I am currently running version 1.3.1 of nginx with the following configure

--with-http_ssl_module --add-module=/root/simpl-ngx_devel_kit-bc97eea

I'm assuming all nginx ssl directives are for communication between the
client and nginx, Do I have any options for improving the https response
performance with the upsteam IIS server? Apart from talking to it via HTTP?

Thanks In Advance


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