Upstream SSL IIS Performance

Francis Daly francis at
Mon Aug 20 01:12:18 UTC 2012

On Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 07:55:07PM -0400, d2radio wrote:

Hi there,

> GET /client/javascript/libraries/query-string/2.1.7/query-min.js HTTP/1.1"
> 200 upstream 0.040 request 0.046 [for reversproxy via]
> GET /client/javascript/libraries/query-string/2.1.7/query-min.js HTTP/1.1"
> 200 upstream 0.234 request 0.243 [for reverseproxy via]

time curl

Does it show about 200 ms like above, or about 20 ms like firebug showed?

I suspect that the 200 ms is due to the ssl session being established
afresh for each request, while firebug is piggy-backing on a previous

(You could test this by starting firebug and making sure that the
very first https query is for this url, and seeing how long it takes.)

> Do I have any options for improving the https response
> performance with the upsteam IIS server? Apart from talking to it via HTTP?

Untested by me, but: do you see any difference when you include the
configuration at ?

That might allow re-use of the ssl session across http requests.

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