Nginx won't send FIN ACK to PHP-FPM

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Mon Aug 27 12:46:43 UTC 2012


I have Rest API server powered by Nginx and PHP-FPM. Each API call produces
several CURL requests.

The script that executes the API calls, also utilizes CURL. I use curl multi
exec, with 1,000 threads. All the setup creates a little bit less than 10K

Anyway, here is the problem...

The script that executes the API calls, let's say 3,000 on 1K threads. It
takes around 170 secs to finish processing all those API calls. However,
when the main script tries to return a response to the browser and initiate
a FIN_WAIT it takes 8 minutes until everything is returned to the browser.

Here is how it looks:

My theory is that it happens because Nginx puts the worker somehow on hold
or something like that. This was the first worker in the chain of workers.
There is no data being transferred since the worker initiated the request to

Any ideas what should I do?


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