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Wed Aug 29 04:51:31 UTC 2012

w00t Wrote:
> This seems odd. If it wasn't meant for Nginx to process uploaded
> files, then it couldn't have processed them by itself.
> For example, I changed
> location @test {
>       proxy_pass;
> to
> location @test {
>        default_type text/html;
>        root    /www;
> and removed the :8080 server part and it still works.
> So I am inclined to think that there must be a way to set the filename
> without going to such lenghts as to change the code.

Yes there is, but the default nginx install does not have the features
available to do what you want and the upload module does not introduce any
such feature either. If you want nginx to be able to rename files based on
user input then you need a module which introduces that capability into

Of course, at this point I'm talking theory only as I haven't ever done
anything like this, but it should work provided either lua module or perl
module has the adds the required features - in  theory.

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