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Fri Feb 3 19:27:09 UTC 2012

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> Hi,
> I'm want to redirect the user based on the value of a cookie, if
> present. 
> The scenario is one where there is a "starter" homepage for first
> time users. As soon as users login, I write a cookie with the
> relative path of another homepage. If the cookie is present, I want
> to redirect the user to the cookie value: the relative path. There
> are multiple cookies present in the request, such as session
> cookies.
> I could of course, let the homepage be determined on the session on
> the app server side, but since this is the landing page, I prefer to
> support it with nginx reverse proxy caching. Hence the idea of using
> cookies to redirect the user once he has logged in once.

Use map:

Here's a gist that implements a system where a user is redirected to a
HTTPS host if there's a session cookie. This is "blind" in the sense
that it doesn't capture any value of the cookie. But you can do that
easily with named captures in map.

> Any ideas?

This may be helpful to you.

--- appa

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