Unique server for all domains or a server per domain?

B.R. reallfqq-nginx at yahoo.fr
Thu Feb 9 00:02:33 UTC 2012


I am currently using a unique server conf for all my domains.
When I wanna restrain certain activity to certain domains (subdirectories,
URL rewriting, etc.) I do not have other choice than using 'if' on the
$host variable leading to some complications due to the unreliable nature
of the 'if' clause.
The directory from which the content is served is determined by the

On the other side, is using several servers to listen on several domains
the best solution?
Since NGinx is event-based and not client-based maybe that's not a problem
anymore... But not so long ago I was stuck with Apache. I still need to get
used to that (great!) change.
*B. R.*
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