Adding "Link" Header

Max nginxyz at
Thu Feb 9 23:31:46 UTC 2012

10 февраля 2012, 02:44 от "jwilson" <nginx-forum at>:
> To avoid SEO issues on my subdomains, I need to add a "Link" header to
> support Google's canonical header.  The format is as follows (from
> Link: <>; rel="canonical"
> So, the add_header command would need to reference $uri, but it also
> needs a semi-colon and double quotes.  How can I add this header to my
> config?

location ~* ^/(.*)(\.pdf)$ {
    add_header Link "<$scheme://$host:$server_port/$1.html>; rel=\"canonical\"";      

You can use $http_host instead of $host:$server_port, but if you get
a request without the Host header, $http_host will be empty.


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