Can proxy_cache gzip cached content?

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Wed Feb 15 14:55:17 UTC 2012

bard Wrote:
> Thanks for the pointers. As I wrote, I'd rather
> avoid gzipping in the
> backend, but if that's the only option so be it.

There's no reason the "backend" for your caching layer cannot be another
nginx server block running on a high port bound to localhost. This
high-port server block could do gzip compression, and proxy-pass to the
back end with "Accept-Encoding: identity", so the back-end never has to
do compression. The backend server will have to use "gzip_http_version
1.0" and "gzip_proxied any" to do compression because it is being
proxied from the front-end.

There might be a moderate performance impact, but because you're caching
at the "frontmost" layer, the number of back-end hits should be small.

Also note there may be better options in the latest nginx versions, or
by using the gunzip 3rd-party module:

With the gunzip module, you can configure things so that you always
cache compressed data, then only decompress it for the small number of
clients that don't support gzip compression.


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