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Fri Feb 17 03:49:44 UTC 2012


I have the following use case -

I have nginx running at port 80 and a php hiphop server running at 4247.
I want to achieve the following configuration -

Whenever a request is received at nginx port 80, it should be sent to
some auth_url (say auth.php) and if it is authorized then it should be
forwarded/proxied to hiphop server running at 4247. If not some error
page should be thrown.

I was looking through ngx_http_auth_request_module and other inbuilt
modules. But I have the following doubts -

1) What could the possible config look like where both
ngx_http_auth_request_module and proxy_pass are included?
2) For my auth.php, what should it return true/false or something else?


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