How to log virtual server name

Lucian D. Kafka luci at
Mon Feb 27 06:18:00 UTC 2012

Hi All,

We have a virtual hosting setup where multiple domains are delegated to the same server IP address, and Nginx acts as a caching proxy server in front of the  web server.

I am encountering 2 issues:

1.       Cannot set more than 1 server name - Nginx is ignoring multiple server names defined on the same IP with a warning message

2.       Cannot log the virtual server name (Apache %v equivalent) to the access_log. Any variable in the custom log format - ie. $server_name, $host, etc does not log the Host headers, but rather the server name string set with the server_name directive (if matched). This makes it impossible to have a combined log file for different sites set in a virtual hosting environment on the same IP address.

Any ideas how to get this working?

Thank you,


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