error_page directive, how does context affect error handling behavior?

Grégory Pakosz gpakosz at
Mon Feb 27 14:19:38 UTC 2012

> The error_page directives are inherited if and only if there is absolutely
> NO error_page directive on the current level. Moreover, whenever you use
> the error_page directive you are doing two things: 1) explicitly setting
> error pages for the specified error codes 2) implicitly resetting error
> pages for all the other error codes that are not explicitly set on the
> current level to their default values So your "error_page 418
>;" directive not only set the error page for error code
> 418, but also reset the error pages for error code 404 and all the other
> error codes to their default values. Max
> Hi Max,

Thank you for your answer. May I suggest that explanation enters the wiki
in the error_page directive section?

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