Video Streaming using non http backend, Ref ngx_drizzle

Sammy Raul sammyraul1 at
Mon Jun 4 02:01:34 UTC 2012

Hi All,

I am trying to stream video it can be mp4, flv anything using nginx.

The video streams in the form of 1024 size will be available from the
backend non-http server.

For achieveing this I followed the ngx_http_drizzle source.

I wrote an upstream handler and followed most of the source code from

I have few questions or to be more precise I did not understood how the
output from drizzle is being streamed to the client.

1) In ngx_http_drizzle_output.c the function ngx_http_drizzle_submit_mem is
the place where it is setting the output filter, Is it also sending the
response i.e the stream to the client at this point, or it is some other

2) What I need to do to send my video contents to the client, I followed
the drizzle example but setting output and sending stream to the client,
how I can achieve this. I have 1024B avaialble at one point and I want to
send this to the client till the backend server has no stream to send and
the client should be able to play the content.

3) Is it possible to send the video stream to the client with the browser.

Can someone who knows about this, please explain how it works. What changes
I need to make.
It would be highly appreciated if anyone explains this.

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