Upgrade From Fedora 15 to 17: nginx Doesn't Work

Steve steeeeeveee at gmx.net
Tue Jun 5 02:03:25 UTC 2012

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> @steve: nginx seems to attract the hostile and malpadapted? I've seen
> more arrogant a**es in this forum than most other places. You guys need
> to relax; it's just software. No need for you to go nuts like that. It
> just shows badly on you.
LOL. It's almost 4am over here in Europe and I was sitting here reading stuff (fighting with sleep) and from time to time looking at the nginx mailing list and then saw your post and was falling almost off my chair. Could not resist and had to post. ;)

> The reason I restore from backup is because I needed that proxy online
> for development. And, I have used Linux for a while that can be counted
> in more than months. Do you know what they say about "assume"?
> I did Google. I saw that worked for some and not for others. I tried it,
> it didn't work for me. My file-max setting was already some 200K.
In sysctl.conf? Or /etc/security/limits.conf? Does your system use PAM?

> So, let me ask this, why would I need to increase open file limit
> anyways? This is a low traffic proxy.
Well.... you have obviously the need else nginx would not complain about a low open file descriptor limit. Looks like you configured nginx to use a lot of descriptors. But how can I tell without having seen your nginx configuration (I left my crystal ball in the office)?

If you want real good help then post your nginx.conf, the output of "ulimit -a", the content of /etc/sysctl.conf, the content of /etc/security/limits.conf, the output of "ls -lah /etc/security/limits.d/*" and the content of files found in /etc/security/limits.d/

> @BR: Thanks for not being as bad as steve. I did notice that Fedora does
> not have an up-to-date package. For now, I will stay with the backup and
> spin up another virtual machine to see if I can test further.
> If anyone has any other ideas than the first 20 Google hits, I'd love to
> hear of them. Thx.







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