nginx 1.3.1 not PHP-FPM friendly

Brandon Amaro omega13a at
Wed Jun 6 03:26:34 UTC 2012

After I upgraded to nginx 1.3.1, I've been having a problem with 
PHP-FPM. It would work fine for a few minutes then I would start getting 
500 Internal Server Errors on all the pages that use PHP.  I have to 
keep restaring the PHP-FPM service in order to navigate my website. 
Everything was running smoothly before upgrading nginx and I've haven't 
made any recent changes in the config files for both nginx and anything 
PHP related. I'm running Fedora 14 (can't upgrade to anything more 
recent) and compiled nginx myself as I've always done in the past. Any 
help would be greatly appreciated.

Owner and Founder of UFT

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