nginx1.0.15 stable, cut off a 16k js static file into 2.03k

B.R. reallfqq-nginx at
Wed Jun 6 04:44:16 UTC 2012

A few suggestions:
1°) tcp_nodelay on; is useless, as the default
value<>is 'on' already
2°) Is tcp_nopush a really necessary option? Forcing things on packets is
non-natural ( Maybe
problems come from that
3°) I'd suggest to test with the latest stable (1.2.1 since today). Maybe
it won't solve the pb but the latest binary is always a good thing to have

Wild guesses, I am no expert :o\
*B. R.*

On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 12:30 AM, chenmin7249 <nginx-forum at> wrote:

> nginx version 1.0.15 stable
> im running into a problem the a 16k static file was cut off into a 2.03k
> incomplete file occasionally, 7 times of 10 will get the incomplete
> file.
> i use the nginx server for pure static file serving
>  sendfile on,
>  tcp_nopush on,
>  tcp_nodelay on,
>  keepalive timeout 0,
>  gzip off
>  open_file_cache on
> using epoll
> no other configurations, what could be the problem? client body size?
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