is 'try_files' or 'rewrite' aware of 'gzip_static'?

Christian Bönning christian.boenning at
Wed Jun 6 15:00:35 UTC 2012


I'm running a quite huge TYPO3 installation on nginx (several other
installations to follow on that host). In this case I'm using (or want
to use) nc_staticfilecache as an extension to speed things up a
little. This extension writes the html document which is sent to the
client down to disk as a single uncompressed file and - depending on
its configuration - another one which is gzipped for static delivery
for subsequent requests to the same document.

Now the question is if my rewrite or try_files directives will try to
deliver the gzipped version of the page.

My try_files directive looks like this:
try_files /typo3temp/tx_ncstaticfilecache/cache/$host${request_uri}index.html

The index.html.gz within the same directory does exist and
'gzip_static' is set to 'on'.


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