Status of Nginx centralised logging

Peter P. lists at
Thu Jun 7 17:33:12 UTC 2012

I just wanted to add a couple of comments on using sFlow as the logging
protocol - there are also sFlow plugins for Apache and Tomcat, allowing
you to get the same data from all the HTTP server pools.

On the analyzer side, the HTTP sFlow export also includes performance
counters that can be trended with Graphite or Ganglia. You can also use
sflowtool to convert the binary sFlow datagrams to ASCII combined
logfile format that can be fed into any log analyzer.

Mark Moseley wrote in post #1063450:
> <snip>
>> * use another 3rd-party logging protocol, e.g. statsd, redis: as
>> similarly unsupportable as syslog patches
> </snip>
> There's also the nginx sflow module,
> I realize that this is another 3rd party module, so falls into the
> same 'not officially supported' category, but I figured I'd mention it
> as something to add to the centralized logging bag of tricks. I've
> used it and it's pretty nice, though obviously you need an sflow
> server somewhere to send to.

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