Error while connecting to apache from nginx running on same machine

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Fri Jun 8 07:56:00 UTC 2012


    I have an LB setup with nginx for an ssl enabled website. It will be
listening at 443 port. For some requests, i need to proxy them to apache
running at 7443 port in the same machine. but when i send the request,
it is trying to forward it to apache and is getting 500 error. I checked
the logs in apache, where there is nothing logged in ssl-error_log
(which logs all the errors happening while transferring https requests)
but the error_log (which logs all the errors happening while
transferring http requests) was showing the message like       [error]

But if I pass it to apache running in 7443 in some other machine, it is
working fine.

So, I think there is some problem while handshaking between nginx and
apache running on different ports in the same machine. Can some one
please assist me how to resolve this..Thanks in advance...

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