Video Streaming using non http backend, Ref ngx_drizzle

sammy_raul sammyraul1 at
Tue Jun 12 07:01:04 UTC 2012


I am trying to understand lua module.
Using the above script in the conf file I am able to connect to my upstream.
I have few questions regarding the Lua module.

1)How I can send some data i.e I have to send a message to my backend
probably which is more than a simple string. I have to construct it and
encode it. Probably I need to add to the c function I can see
ngx_http_lua_socket_tcp_send is used to send data over Nginx Socket, but I
could not figure out how I can modify this function and which buffers I need
to put my own data.

2)Before sock:receive I need to decrypt the data before sending to the
client. I think I can decode in the print function in lua_output.c where I
receive the data from upstream. Is that correct.


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