How to set html files into memcache

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Sun Jun 17 12:06:43 UTC 2012

Thank you Agentzh.

I will look into that.

I have an associated question. I have a memcache cluster (multiple
nodes). So I defined an 

upstream memcached_pass_stream {
  server node1:11211;
  server node2:11211; 
  server node3:11211;
  server node4:11211;

And I pass it
memcached_pass $scheme://memcached_pass_stream/;

I am using memcached cluster (AWS ElastiCache)

Q1 I hope this is the right way to integrate with multiple nodes.

Q2 If yes, what logic nginx follows to pick the nodes? I should use
similar logic to set data else there might be many misses.

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