How to set html files into memcache

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Mon Jun 18 03:42:27 UTC 2012


On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 6:20 AM, amodpandey <nginx-forum at> wrote:
> Thank you Agentzh.

Please do not capitalize my nick. Thank you.

> I did a test with a simple set up. Amazon large machine with nginx
> sering a file from disk and in another set-up serving teh same file from
> a local memcached. To my surprise I do not see any difference in the
> performance. They were equal. So given the complexity of memcache in
> between I see not having memcache is better.

It's very likely that your cache does not work at all :) Please ensure
that the cache hit rate on your side is not zero :)

The following slide shows how ngx_srcache + ngx_memc performs on
Amazon EC2's standard *Small* instance for caching small resultsets (a
single-line resultset) from a MySQL custom cluster:

And below is the result for caching big resultsets (100KB) in exactly
the same setup:

You can walk through all the remaining slides in the same place to
learn more about ngx_srcache and ngx_memc in your web browser by using
the pagedown/pageup keys on your keyboard.


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