[BUG?] Nginx hangs when you use try_files, map, request_uri and long url.

Piotr Karbowski jabberuser at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 19:51:31 UTC 2012


For some reason, when I use long key with Map Module the whole nginx 
seems to hang.

Some background:
I have two backends, say old_app and new_app. both have own named 
locations, @new_app and old_app. In order to redirect urls I tried to use:

	map $request_uri $map_apps {
		default @new_app;
		/asd @old_app;
	try_files /not_exist $map_apps;

And it was working, then I added another key, 70 chars long, with 
commas, - and numbers, like "/foo-bar,123,asd-qwe-asdasdasd"

since the keyword have 70 chars I had to change default 64 value of 
map_hash_bucket_size, I changed it to 128.

Now, if I access the '/foo-bar,123,asd-qwe-asdasdasd' url, nginx just 
hangs, firefox return 'connection reset', wget seems to retry every 3s 
with message 'no data'. I cant access any vhost, I cant even stop nginx, 
the workers ignore master, when I nginx -s stop, the workers are still 
alive, when I kill master with sigTERM, the workers are still alive, 
eventualy, after few minutes they starts working and support requests or 
just die.

The underlaying system is debian6, nginx version 1.1.19 (from 
squeeze-backports), 64bit.

even if I have only default entry in map, and then access the long url, 
the nginx hangs, but when I hash-out the map and try_files lines, I can 
access the url and see 404 error.

fwiw I tried to use map since I have about 100 URLs that I want to 
proxy_pass to old_app, rest have to be handled by new_app.

-- Piotr.

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