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Umut Aydin aydinumut82 at
Mon Jun 25 14:54:45 UTC 2012

Hello everyone,

As you can see in configuration, we have nginx servers (there are 2 of
them) as reverse proxy which keep requests balanced for 6 gunicorn
application( framework) nodes.

In python part, we calculate execution time and we know that application
part completes in ~0.02 sec per request but it takes 60-300 milliseconds to
see it on browser in the beginning which is acceptable for us.

In time (~20-30 minutes), active connection number increases to 1000+ from
300+. Our python application still completes in ~0.02 sec but it takes
sometimes even 30 seconds to see it on browser.

Active connections: 361
server accepts handled requests
 71644 71644 195385
Reading: 0 Writing: 13 Waiting: 348

*Gunicorn: *

Do you have any idea?

On the other hand; is that feasible way to deliver a application?

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