Help me test and verify my config

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Wed Jun 27 14:19:20 UTC 2012

Mike, sure

I thought my post title was very clear; couldn't have been any clearer.

I guess i may as well have posted a dancing cat purely for entertainment

Perhaps my post wasn't that clear then. Fair enough. I had searched and
clawed over tonnes of information. In fact i spent quite a few hours
looking. However, it seems not 1 set of parameters is suitable for every
nginx + php5-fpm set up, which is sensible really. I'm not a natural
sysadmin and as it was the weekend my sysadmin was unavailable, probably
off geocaching or something. 

What i couldn't find is enough info on how to test and verify my chosen
config. Due to the volume of traffic and revenue involved i didnt want
it to be trial and error. I also wanted an expert eye cast over the
chosen params in case anything jumped out as obviously incorrect.

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