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Thu Jun 28 12:07:06 UTC 2012


On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 11:24:00AM +0500, shahzaib shahzaib wrote:

> i've installed jwplayer from this source
> when i try to seek video or try to download it by
> test.flv?start=343434 ,video size reduces but video broken

The fact that video size is recuded means that flv module in nginx works 

As I already said using arbitrary byte positions in the "start" 
argument isn't possible with flv, you have to use positions of a 
keyframe/seekpoint there.  With arbitrary byte position broken 
video is expected result.

If seeking doesn't work from a flash player, most likely reason is 
problems with flv file itself.  In particular, please refer the 
the note here:

: Note: Some FLV encoders do not include seekpoints metadata when 
: encoding videos. Without this data, HTTP Pseudostreaming will not 
: work. If you suspect your videos to not have metadata, use our 
: Metaviewer plugin to inspect the video. There should be a 
: seekpoints or keyframes list. If it is not there, use the FLVMDI 
: tool to parse your FLV videos and inject this metadata.

(The page itself contains appropriate links, quoted here just 
clarify which note I'm referring to.)

Maxim Dounin

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