dokuwiki not in root problem of regexp

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Sat Jun 30 01:32:21 UTC 2012

Hi forumers,

I'm trying to set a configuration up for DW but I'm going mad with the

My starter is the conf file found on the nginx wiki, but modified not to
point DW to the server root:
server {
   server_name wiki.domain.tld;
###   root /var/www/dokuwiki;
   root /var/www;
   location /dokuwiki {
      index doku.php;
      try_files $uri $uri/ @dokuwiki;
bla bla bla

And here I'm stuck.
Original dirs exclusion: 
   location ~ /(data|conf|bin|inc)/ {
      deny all;

Of course, this won't work w/ my changes, and I'm totally unable to find
the right syntax to exclude these dirs from this conf (made many
unsuccessful tests:(

In my mind it _should_ be: "location ~/dokuwiki/(data|conf|bin|inc)/"
but it don't work, sniff.

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