Nginx good with many simultaneous PHP users?

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Tue May 8 17:30:11 UTC 2012

Hi all,

Got the usual LAMP setup currently, trying to decide whether to swap out
Apache and fully replace with Nginx, or to stick Nginx in front of
Apache just to serve static content and let Apache handle the PHP

Is Nginx+PHP good with potentially many (hundreds or thousands) or
simultaneous users accessing a lightweight PHP script (does a couple of
MySQL reads and maybe a write or two)? (users all using the site
simultaneously but not necessarily that many actually accessing the PHP
script simultaneously). I'm seeing conflicting answers to this question
from online research.

Also, re: PHP specifically, looks like php-fpm has been absorbed into
latest PHP 5.4.x so I don't need to explicitly install php-fpm - is that
correct? (I have 5.4.1 installed).

Many thanks,

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