Nginx + PHP-FPM: Permissions on UNIX socket

Sergey Budnevitch sb at
Fri May 11 04:30:18 UTC 2012

On 11.05.2012, at 2:31, B.R. wrote:

> Hi all again,
> As my nginx package (gathered from the Debian Sqeeze repository @Nginx) specified, the maintainer should be "Sergey Budnevitch" <sb at>.
> However, I got a mailer daemon saying the user doesn't exist...

Address exists actually, but you sent mail to, not to com.

> How can I submit a bug to the Debian Squeeze Nginx package maintainer?

It is not a bug, check documentation:
If you want to start nginx with www-data group credentials add
"user nginx www-data;"
to config file.

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