Need to identify blocked requests vs other requests

Guzmán Brasó guzman.braso at
Wed May 16 00:09:11 UTC 2012

Hello there,

As limit_req returns 503 as well other 503 (service unavailable) native
errors I need a way to differentiate them in the access log.

One easy way would be to be able to set the status limit_req returns, would
be that possible?

The main reason I'm asking this it's because we analyze our logs in real
time to alert on certain values, until limit_req I used to  hsend alerts if
more than X 503 status were seen in a time range. However, now I've
limit_req legitimate 503 which have nothing to do with the 503 of Service
unavailable which indeed need to take action.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

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