[ANN] ngx_openresty devel version released

agentzh agentzh at gmail.com
Wed May 16 10:52:11 UTC 2012

Hi, folks!

After three days' active development, I'm happy to announce the new
development release of ngx_openresty,


Below is the change log for this release:

 *   upgraded LuaJIT to 2.0.0beta10.

     *   see changes here: <http://luajit.org/changes.html>

 *   feature: added the "--with-luajit-xcflags=FLAGS" option to
     "./configure" to add more C compiler options to LuaJIT's build

 *   upgraded LuaNginxModule to 0.5.0rc28.

     *   bugfix: ngx.req.socket() did not honor the "Expect:
         100-continue" request header and could hang. thanks Matthieu
         Tourne for the patch in pull request #107.

     *   bugfix: the ngx.req.socket() object (i.e., the downstream
         cosocket object) did not work with HTTP 1.1 pipelined
         requests at all.

     *   bugfix: the ngx.req.socket() object might lose the last part
         of the request body when receiving data. this regression had
         appeared in v0.5.0rc25. thanks Matthieu Tourne for reporting

     *   feature: detailed backtraces (Lua callstack) will be
         automatically printed to "error.log" when the user Lua code
         is interrupted by Lua exceptions. thanks Matthieu Tourne for
         the patch in pull request #107.

     *   optimize: removed dead code found by Simon Liu via

 *   upgraded RdsCsvNginxModule to 0.05rc2.

     *   bugfix: the output buffer size would get wrong when the
         "affected_rows" field is larger than a single-digit number.
         thanks Wendal Chen for reporting this by using clang.

 *   upgraded LuaRestyStringLibrary to 0.06.

     *   added new Lua module "resty.random" that implements secure
         random and pseudo-random string generators. thanks Chase
         Colman for the patch.

     *   added new Lua module "resty.aes" that exposes the AES
         submodule of OpenSSL via LuaJIT FFI. thanks Chase Colman for
         the patch.

The HTML version for this change log can be seen here:


Special thanks go to all our contributors and users for helping make
this happen :)

OpenResty (aka. ngx_openresty) is a full-fledged web application
server by bundling the standard Nginx core, lots of 3rd-party Nginx
modules, as well  as most of their external dependencies. See
OpenResty's homepage for more details:


Have fun!

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