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Tio Oscar tioscar at
Thu May 17 15:33:01 UTC 2012

Hi guys.

I have a one frontend server with nginx, and 5 backends with PHP-FPM, I do
a FastCGI pass and all works.

Now, I need add other fronted, balanced by hardware base balancer.

My problem is, i need track the remote IP address, is very very important,
in the fastcgi_params file, actualu REMOTE_ADDR param is set as

The balancer sendme a header called x_cluster_client_ip (yes, is ungly), i
recive this in nginx as $http_x_cluster_client_ip, but if I replace this
param and reload/restart nginx, before DNS change at the new balancer, i
don't get the x_cluster_client_ip value and i don't can't know the ip.

there is some form of define REMOTE_ADDR as $http_x_cluster_client_ip if
exists and $remote_addr else?

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